How to build a home gym on a budget

April 26, 2018 LISA 1 comment

How to build a home gym. Getting fit has never been as attainable as it is today.  I’m not full of it, I promise…TRUST ME? With all the social media influencers, and fitness resources floating around, what is the hurdle these days?  As a trainer I’ve heard some really unique obstacles, my personal favorite, “I’m shy”.  “I don’t have enough time or a gym membership” is still a road block for many people.  I’m going to show you how to eliminate the red tape so you can finally hit the goals you’ve been setting for so long.  Ready to set up your home gym on a budget? TRUST ME? Caution: If you continue reading you are secretly committing to yourself that you’ve decided to take action, and ready to make a change.

Let me tell you a little about myself real quick so you know I’m not feeding you a bunch of junk that doesn’t actually work.  I’m NOT going to tell you to buy tummy tea, or a belly wrap.  I would never tell someone to do something that I haven’t actually done or experienced myself, so here’s my quick believe-in-me bio.

Trust The Process

Four years ago I was a new mom, wife, full time General Manager of a retail store who was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I quit the excuse train and decided to take back my life.  None of the above changed, but the desire to get better did.  In less than a year I went from a size 10 to a 2.  Bullseesh right? Actually no.  I’m no different than you, I had a shit ton to balance-completely overwhelmed at times. My husband an I didn’t have any help.  A demanding career and schedule, a 9 month old who didn’t sleep through the night, an overworked husband also in retail, and a mission.  I dedicated everyday of my life to making different choices, in what I ate, and what I did a little at a time.  I worked out 30-60 minutes everyday, not because I had to, but because it was something I challenged myself to do.  Not to mention, it was sooooo EASY having access to a home gym!  Meal Prep, well that’s for a totally different post…Click SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss it!! Plus a special bonus workout just for signing up!

How do you do it too? It’s so easy you’ll thank me for it later–TRUST ME? Some links will be provided below to help you gain access if you’re ready to build your own fitness temple.

Step 1. Find a space in your home with enough room to kick a leg or swing your arms, if you have an extra room that works too.  I am a huge advocate for taking 30-60 minutes for yourself, by yourself to work on yourself, you’ll be a better self for it later.  I’m also a big proponent of child safety, and having a space separate from your living space is much safer for your family.  Until they’re old enough to join you…that’s when it’s so much more fun!!  CLICK PHOTO FOR WORKOUT VIDEO!

Build them to be STRONG!

Step 2. Decide what type of fitness you want to try, it can be yoga, strength training, resistance training, HIIT-High Intensity Interval Training, aerobic, or hell!  Do all of it -> BALANCE

Step 3. Figure out what basic equipment will help you with your fitness program or routines.  (If you’re in need of a routine or program, I create specialty programs for clients with literally only one piece of equipment, or no equipment at all!)  For example, if you’re doing a lot of weight training, dumbbells, kettlebells, or a barbell would be a great investment. CLICK PHOTO FOR WORKOUT VIDEO!


Step 4. Get a yoga mat! I use my mats daily, and I’m a strength, and resistance training buff.  It’s the best thing to help you protect your body and knees!!  Don’t skimp too much here, thickness is important.  It’s also a great idea to clean your mats and let them dry after each use, I use Doterra lavender/peppermint blend that I put in a spray bottle to keep mine fresh!

The myth that women shouldn’t lift heavy is only perpetuated by women who fear work and men who fear women ~Source Unknown

Step 5. Heavy metal…So with home gyms, I find that iron weights are very damaging to any floors, my tiles have cracks to prove it.  Unless you have gym flooring or protective flooring, I highly recommend purchasing neoprene or rubber dumbbells, kettlebells, or plates.  I suggest if you’re starting out, a set of 5lb and 10lb will do the job.  I’ve found that typically weights cost about a dollar a lb.  That’s how I judge if I’m paying a fair price. CLICK PHOTO FOR WORKOUT VIDEO!


Step 6. Stability Ball…If we’re talking cost effective, I’ve created entire fitness programs using a stability ball instead of a bench.  Not to mention it’s great on your joints and can be used to increase the intensity or level of a workout.  Great for you’re development as a beginner or intermediate.  Not to mention kids can spend hours on these!  Yes! I’ll take a coffee and some me time, bounce around little one, bounce around! CLICK PHOTO FOR WORKOUT VIDEO!

Stability Ball | Yoga Mat | Jump Rope

Step 7. Mini Bands!!! These are not only affordable and compact, they are one of the best pieces of equipment for home gyms and every level fitness program.  Not to mention they’re mobile, so outdoor workouts can be integrated into your routine to break up monotony.  These little babies come in several levels of resistance, usually in a 3 or 4 pack, and are awesome for taking your workout to the next level of badass!  CLICK PHOTO FOR WORKOUT VIDEO!

SKLZ Mini Bands | Sliders | Jump Rope

Step 8. Resistance bands with handles…This is next level, but something that I think every home gym can benefit from.  I’ve created an entire full body workout with only resistance bands.  These bad boys can be used anywhere in your home, with any body part, and also come in various levels for intensity.  *I recommend buying a door anchor so you can take your fitness routines even further!*  CLICK PHOTO FOR WORKOUT VIDEO!

Resistance Bands | Jump Rope | Sliding Discs

Step 9. Boxing Gloves…This one is later in the list because it’s not 100% a necessity.  I added it because it’s the one source of cardio where I was able to really condition my body and heart rate.  Boxing was a game changer for me.  I don’t run, never mind cardio equipment–don’t sign me up for that…Boxing, kick boxing, shadow boxing with weights, it’s all a really great way to burn calories while kicking some major ass!  So do I think it’s a great investment? YEP! CLICK FOR WORKOUT VIDEO!

Boxing Gloves | Jump Rope | Hand Wraps | Boxing Pads

Step 10. Suspension Trainer (aka TRX)…I sympathize with many people when fitness is a struggle.  I help the most incredible clients daily that are struggling with shedding weight, or hitting their goals.  Many of them aren’t conditioned enough to do a lot of cardio, or even weight training.  This one piece of equipment has changed, and saved many of my clients lives.  It’s a piece of equipment that you can either anchor to your door, or have installed in your ceiling.  It’s just an anchor, you don’t have to have the equipment hanging all the time, you can just unclip it!  I chose to install it because call me crazy but I don’t trust my doors with a door anchor holding me suspended with my face toward the ceramic tile floor.  VIDEO COMING SOON…

TRX | Suspension Trainer

Incase you’ve gotten this far and still aren’t picking up what I’m throwing down, there is no excuse to prevent you from taking back control of your health.  There is an abundance of resources out there for you to explore, try, and learn from.  I’m a certified Master Trainer and Nutrition Specialist, with a heart set on helping people.  It’s not the most lucrative job in the world, but it’s certainly the most rewarding.

“I built this so I could re-build myself-Lisa Armstrong”

Making a change doesn’t happen overnight, but changing your mindset can.  It starts with a decision, but it changes with ACTION.  What will you do for you?  I’ve shown you how I did it, now…Do you TRUST ME?


In finding your fitness


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