Distorted Reality

April 17, 2018 LISA No comments exist

What is reality anyway?

To Do List:

  1. Zoom teeth whitening
  2. Platinum Highlights & blowout
  3. Botox appointment
  4. Personal training session
  5. Shit…pay a $35 late fee on my American Express card, (I knew I shouldn’t have spent that much on those shoes! but damn they look good on me.)
  6. Tanning appointment
  7. Run to MAC counter to get makeup done
  8. Film my YouTube Vlog with my go pro and perfect outdoor lighting: “Follow my personal morning routine, #iwokeuplikethis.”

Sound familiar?…

To Do List:

  1. Brush my teeth
  2. Attempt second day hair #dryshampoo
  3. Apply some wrinkle cream to my face, and don’t forget the NECK!
  4. Drink my #teatox #shrinkmytummy #diarrheatea
  5. Order shit I don’t need so I can be a Brand Ambassador, hell yea 30% off to represent a brand I don’t even use, but will look legit for doing it, annnnd they don’t even follow/support me back?! It’s cool though because I’m a Brand Ambassador for Killing You Slowly Supplements!!
  6. , 7. , 8., set up my Iphone camera, set up my perfect lighting, set up the perfect filter, turn on tune a face app, photoshop editor, and film my YouTube Vlog: “Follow my personal morning routine, #iwokeuplikethis.”

Getting Closer?…

To Do List:

  1. Wake up
  2. Check social media
  3. Scroll through facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube, bumble, ditzy, snag a date, whatev!
  4. Run super LATE for work/school with a poor ass excuse about the traffic…
  5. Eat food court garbage or take out because you had no time to cook between scrolling social media-DUH!
  6. 7. 8. Take 218 selfies, slap a filter, facetune, airbrush, my #perfectbody so I can compare to these other fit glamazons out here, and post my picture perfect photo with the title, “Follow my personal morning routine, #iwokeuplikethis.” Link in Bio!

Maybe a little more like it?…

Seriously though, ask yourself this question…Are you portraying who you REALLY are?

The answer doesn’t matter to me, but I really hope you think about the reality you live in, or are you really living in reality at all?  I run a fitness business, focused on helping people get fit physically, and even more importantly, mentally.  I’ve struggled growing my social media because well, I post real stuff, with real flaws, that are considered pretty modest to most.  Why is growing social media important? Because that’s where much of my business comes from, but if it was up to me…I’d get rid of all of it!  Recently a question was brought to my attention regarding showing more revealing pictures to gain more followers and “attention.”  To be clear, it was not an insult, just a question.

What I have built my platform and reputation on is being very transparent in the reality and truths of my posts.  What I do on social media is exactly what I do in everyday life.  I choose to post workout videos fully dressed because I’m actually working out in the video and that’s how I’m comfortable.  I film the videos to share free workouts – yes, also with some hope it might intrigue someone to purchase a program and let me help them, but it’s also my actual workout for the day.  It’s not just an example, it’s my own session-hard to believe right?  It’s not just for show!  Who knew reality would be so 10 years ago?

As my weekend continued it was like a continued slap in the face, I watched People You May Know on Netflix, followed coincendentally by a show on the Netflix series Black Mirror (season 3, Ep. 1 Nosedive.)  It’s an incredibly terrifying look into what our future reality or distorted reality may look like in the near future…Or does it already?

I realized I had to start the conversation that I had kept to a small group, and try to expand the thought.  It came to my attention that there were so many more people that felt the same way.  I decided to post about this because distorted reality has become our new norm.  Our true skin, flaws, inherent traits that makes us who we are, is no longer acceptable for a like, follow, blah, blah, blah.  What the crap?!? Seriously this is ridiculous, but I suddenly thought to myself, was I also a victim to the distortion.

I never post pictures showing my stomach because it’s pretty scarred from having my beautiful daughter.  I could care less, but being a witness to the “bounce back” pictures from other pregnant moms and their ABS, I felt a little self conscious.  Being in the fitness industry, I also heard some women complain about theirs so it seemed to be a problem for others – and became a problem for myself.  I saw a plastic surgeon and he said the only solution was a tummy tuck.  I also spoke to a NPC Bikini Pro who informed me for $700 she could put me on a “competitor diet”, and as long as I kept my body fat that low for several months it would make the scars/skin much better.  Well take a look at the picture…

non-edited version | Photo © Find Your Fitness LA, LLC


Clearly, I chose neither.  I could have posted this picture, which I edited using the Airbrush App in 2 minutes.  You get the point…

Photo Airbrushed and Altered using Airbrush App | Photo © Find Your Fitness LA, LLC

But it’s not me, it’s not real, and it’s not going to make me feel like the proud mom and fitness professional I am.  I’m incredibly fit and focus on nutrition, but i have a scarred abdomen – with Diastasis Recti-a condition where the large abdominal muscles separate in my case due to a large baby in pregnancy- which I healed myself with exercises I combined to repair the abdomen. Click HERE for a sample DR workout. 

I also had to learn it doesn’t make me any less qualified as a trainer, as a fitness professional, and it’s completely NORMAL to look like this – it’s just many don’t choose to show it.  I studied my ass off, worked harder than I ever have, and did some incredibly difficult tough love therapy to be able to accept my stomach the way it is for me, not for the world to judge.  That’s why I chose to share this with anyone willing to read all of this.  I’m not an alien, an unfollow, an outcast, unattractive, unqualified, I’m an f*ing human being that grew another human being inside me! If you ask me, I’m a god damn miracle worker…A WOMAN.

So are you (unless you’re a dude reading this, and in that case thank you for reading this far!)…Please leave a comment below and let me know if you still believe in Reality.  Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog, and follow me on Instagram @findyourfitnessla.  If you’re looking for help feel free to shop my site, visit my YouTube Page @findyourfitnesslallc or join my Private FaceBook Group @findyourfitnessla to be part of a community that thrives on truth, reality, and accepts eachother for who we are.

In finding your fitness,



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